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Professional Bed Bug Control Services for Your Business

Bed bug infestations happen suddenly and grow rapidly. Finding the best bed bug spray services for your commercial property is made easy by our team of bud bug treatment experts at American Pest. Our licensed professionals have been providing hotels, offices, apartments, condos, and co-ops in Washington D.C. with quality pest control services for nearly a century.

We understand that businesses depend on brand reputation and that a bed bug problem can get in the way of efficiently managing your property. Increased turnover, the threat of a lawsuit and the affect bed bug problems have on your bottom line are the makings of a nightmare. Worse yet, disgruntled tenants may decide to take matters into their own hands, adding costly damages and spreading bed bugs into adjacent areas. Whether your bed bug issues are contained or widespread, our team can work with you to develop a bed bug control solution that suits your facility and your budget. 

At American Pest our professional bed bug treatments are engineered to help business owners and property managers get rid of bed bugs and keep their brands intact.

How Our Bed Bug Treatment Services Work

First, we’ll consult with you about your bed bug problem and provide you with the cost for treatment. When you call American Pest, you get a bed bug team liaison to walk you through the entire process from start to finish.


A professional bed bug expert will consult with you about the unique characteristics of your property or business. He/she may ask you questions regarding your building’s layout, bed bug history, your budget and your treatment objectives.


All bed bug treatment solutions are customized. We provide comprehensive services to identify and eliminate your bed bug problem and may employ any of the following methods:

  • Visual inspection
  • K-9 bed bug detection dogs
  • Installation of bed bug monitoring devices
  • Conventional liquid bed bug spray treatment
  • Thermal Remediation (heat treatment)

We provide a systematic approach to getting rid of bed bugs throughout the entire property, with guaranteed results.

Your bed bug liaison will work with you to determine what strategy will work best for you and your business.


Bed Bug Warranty Program

With our Bed Bug Warranty program, you’ll never be worried about bed bugs disrupting your property again. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that if bed bugs return, so will we. This specialized program is designed to effectively eliminate bed bugs while addressing all your pest control needs from the outside in. The proactive nature of this service reduces unexpected pest control expenses related to bed bugs while guaranteeing your property or business remains protected.


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