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In Maryland, we have some of the most enjoyable weather (for most of the year) for playing out in the yard and enjoying time with our pets. Unfortunately, this could put you and your family at risk of a dangerous tick infestation. The more you learn about ticks in the Maryland area, the more you’ll realize why proper tick control is an absolute must for your Maryland home and yard.

Dangerous Yard Invaders, Problematic Parasites

The local ticks in the area that typically plague Maryland homes are black or brown in color and typically smaller than your pinky fingernail. These pests may be small, but they can be some of the biggest nuisances in the industry. The problem with ticks in your yard is that they can spread dangerous diseases to their hosts as they fill up on your blood. These pests like to cling to your pets or your own body in areas of high blood circulation to feed on your blood and fill up their small, flexible bodies. 

That’s why they can be challenging to crush (since their bodies are elastic and allow them to fill up on blood). You will usually find them on your scalp or in the crevices of your body, such as armpits, behind the knee, or other areas of high blood circulation. When you pull a tick off of your skin, you probably won’t be able to crush it, so flushing it down the toilet in your home is the most effective way to dispose of them. 

If you think you will not experience a tick problem because you don’t have pets, you are dangerously mistaken. These pests will usually be introduced to your yard by host animals such as rodents and deer that invade your property. Once the ticks attach to your skin, they can be very dangerous disease transmitters, often resulting in harmful illnesses like Lyme disease, tularemia, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. That’s why it’s important to check yourself and your pets for ticks anytime you enjoy outside activities in the yard.

Preventing A Tick Infestation

Since ticks are usually introduced to your yard through wildlife, proper wildlife prevention habits can help you reduce your chances of a dangerous tick infestation. Here are the best ways to protect your yard and lower your chances of tick problems:

  1. Maintain the lawn properly. 

  2. Control moisture problems in the yard to attract fewer rodents and other wildlife to the property. 

  3. Declutter the yard to make a less conducive environment for wildlife. 

  4. Store outdoor food and trash properly. 

  5. Get your pets medicated by a veterinarian. 

  6. Check your pets and yourself before you walk inside your home. 

  7. Trim areas of tall grass and foliage near the edge of the lawn, as these are highly desirable areas for ticks to live in.

Even though these methods can reduce your chances of a tick infestation, there is not much you can do to get rid of current tick problems if you have already incurred these issues. That’s why American Pest residential technicians can inspect your property for conducive environments for ticks and current tick problems that can endanger your family. 

We will treat your home and yard with our innovative tick control solutions that are tough on pests and easy on everything else, creating a less conducive environment for both ticks and the wildlife that will introduce ticks to your property. If you want to keep your home and family safe from tick problems, then partner with the best available pest technicians in the area today. Give us a call to schedule an inspection with one of our American Pest residential pest control technicians.


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