How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Washington D.C. Yard


Stinging Insects   
up close image of wasps resting on their nest

Stinging insects are extremely dangerous pests here in Washington D.C. For aggressive varieties such as wasps, home and business owners find themselves in a losing battle against venomous stings.

Wasps are easily some of the most feared lawn invaders in the country. Known for their long stingers and short tempers, these insects create challenging environments for the home and business owners they bother. On one hand, these insects prevent property owners from going outside with the fear of retribution or attack. On the other hand, the pests can endanger the lives of at-risk children, pets, and adults..

Some of the most common wasps in the Washington D.C. area include:

  • Bald-Faced Hornets 

  • Cicada Killer Wasps 

  • Paper Wasps 

  • European Hornets 

  • Mud Daubers 

  • Yellow Jackets

Although each of these wasp species has a slightly different appearance, color pattern, or venom, they still display similar characteristics. Wasps are known for their yellow and black stripes, along with long wings that often extend past the tips of their abdomens. Wasps have compound eyes, meaning they can see a large number of their surroundings in almost 3-D vision. 

The biggest reason why wasps are considered to be dangerous is due to their injectable neurotoxins. The painful sting of the wasp is known by many people and is sometimes described as a burning sensation at the injection site. However, these stings are even more dangerous for people with known allergies or a history of allergic reactions.

Wasp stings may require medical assistance to treat or even emergency hospitalization in the event of anaphylactic shock. Because of this, the proactive prevention of the wasp is the best approach to pest control. 

Wasp Attractant Factors (And How To Reduce Them) 

As eusocial insects, wasps are attracting to anything that may help their colonies thrive. This includes the presence of food, drink, or shelter from the sun. Below are a few factors to consider for your property:

  • Certain types of plants, particularly those with large blooms and a strong scent 
  • Sugary drinks left outside or spilled on the driveway or porch 

  • Foods that are high in protein, including meats, peanut butter, and other fats 

  • Large or overgrown trees that provide shelter from the elements 

  • Stagnant puddles of water (preferable shallow) 

Although many of these attractant factors are outside human control, there are some things you can do today to reduce your risks of a wasp infestation in the future. Try reducing or eliminating wasp attractant factors using these helpful steps:

  • Eliminate any outstanding harborage places where wasps could build nests.

  • Consider planting less wasp-friendly foliage around the yard, particularly blooming or fruit-yielding orchard trees.

  • Level out your property with topsoil to eliminate standing water as much as possible.

Prevention steps are an excellent method of reducing wasps before they establish themselves around your property. However, they are not always infestation proof. If you think or know that stinging insects are preparing to make an appearance around your Maryland home, reach out to a professional pest control group such as American Pest. 

Why Not To Address Wasps Alone – Trust American Pest For Help 

Truthfully, existing wasp problems should not be dealt with alone. Although the temptation is always there, stinging insects like wasps are capable of inflicting a lot of damage without much work. Depending on their size, location, or severity, wasps could damage you in ways you haven't even considered.

That’s why trusting a professional wasp extermination company such as American Pest will always be the best possible answer to serious infestations. With decades of experience in the Maryland pest control industry, we have everything it takes to defend your home. Call today for more advice or assistance related to wasps on your property. 


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