Why Now Is the Time to Protect Your D.C. Home Against Rodents

While rats and mice are always a potential hazard for D.C. homeowners, they’re never a bigger threat than in fall and winter months. Like all animals, rodents are always in search of food, water, and a warm place to take shelter inside. Unfortunately, in the colder months when these resources become more difficult to find in nature, your home can become an appealing target to rodent invaders. If you’re worried about rodents getting into your home, or are already experiencing signs of a rodent infestation, don’t wait: call the experts at American Pest today and find out how a professional rodent exclusion treatment can keep your home protected.

Pest Control Services In Washington DC

American Pest of Washington D.C. is a locally operated pest control company that has been in the pest control business since 1925. As a long time Washington D.C. pest control provider we offer quality pest control services for both Washington D.C. homes and businesses and take pride in our longstanding tradition of professional service while applying the latest pest control and exterminating techniques and practices that are highly effective yet eco-friendly.

Home Pest Control Services in DC

At American Pest our Preferred Care residential pest control services provide Washington D.C. homeowners with comprehensive protection for insect and rodent invaders including ants, spiders, cockroaches, mice and more. By offering three levels of pest control coverage we let you choose the pest control service that suits your needs as a homeowner. Find out how our Preferred Care can help you resolve simple pest issues like silverfish to more complex pests including ants, termites, mosquitoes and ticks. For a Washington D.C. pest control company that understands the pest problems you are facing, you can trust American Pest.  Contact us today to learn more about our residential services including Stink Bug Reduction Services.

Mosquito Control in Washington DC

Mosquitoes are probably one of the most complained about and recognized pests around, especially in the Washington DC area. These common pests are not just prolific breeders and frustrating pests, but they are also vectors for many diseases. Protecting ourselves and our loved ones from these insects is very important and can be done quite easily with the help of a pest professional. Here are the 4 basic parts of getting protected:

  • Allow NO standing water outdoors. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to lay their eggs in. Things such as tires, buckets, plant pots, and toys are common culprits. Be sure that your gutter and all water runoff systems are working properly. Our mosquito control services include placing mosquito dunks in areas where standing water can't be dumped easily.
  • Personal protection has a few steps. Try to limit your early morning and evening outdoor activities because these are mosquitoes’ most active times. Cover up as much of yourself as possible with long sleeves and pants. Use a mosquito repellent that contains DEET.  Our mosquito treatments decrease the mosquito activity for you, helping to lower the risk of mosquito bites.
  • Make your home a fortress against mosquitoes! Repair or replace damaged insect screens on windows, doors, and vents. Do the same for any exterior door bottoms or weather-stripping. Close your curtains at night to lessen the light that mosquitoes are attracted to. If one of our pest professionals notices such entry points, they will bring it to your attention and recommend solutions.
  • Get real protection with the mosquito and tick program from the experts here at American Pest. Believe it or not, we can help you to have significantly fewer mosquitoes on your property. Get the facts on real mosquito control by partnering up with the professional team here at American Pest.

If you are ready to control mosquitoes and ticks on your Washington DC property then give us a call and sign up for our mosquito and tick program for regular services to reduce these parasitic pests from your property.

Bed Bugs In DC and DC Bed Bug Dog Inspections

Bed bugs are superior hitchhikers as well as accomplished breeders and are making a strong comeback in Washington D.C.. These nocturnal insects can infest commercial property and residential dwellings quickly and thoroughly resulting in a major bed bug problem. At American Pest we offer the most complete Washington D.C. Bed Bug Services because we understand how one tiny bed bug can multiply into many and harm your company’s image or simply take away the comfort of coming home at the end of the day. Our DC Bed Bug services are ideal for hotels, motels, hospitals, dorms as well as apartment buildings, condos and other residential properties. We use our K9 Bed Bug Inspection teams to accurately identify all infested areas and the our professional pest control technicians follow up with targeted treatments. With American Pest by your side you don’t have to let the bed bugs bite you, your family, employees or customers. Whether you’re looking for Residential Bed Bug Control or Commercial Bed Bug Services we can help.

Commercial Pest Control Services

At American Pest we’ve been entrusted to protect some our capital city’s highest profile government buildings because we have over 90 years of industry experience and offer quality commercial pest control solutions. We’ve developed our commercial pest control services to effectively target the pest concerns for a variety of businesses in Washington D.C. including but not limited to;

  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Federal Government

No matter why type of business you operate we offer customized pest control solutions that target the insects and rodents that can harm your business including Bed Bug Services, Termite Control, Rodent Control as well as general Commercial Pest Control for everyday pest problems and customized solutions for Washington D.C.'s Industries. All our of services are eco-friendly, comply with all industry regulations and meet quality standards. At American Pest our goal is to provide your company with commercial pest control that resolves you pest issues while remaining sensitive to your budgetary requirements.

Washington DC Termite Control

To effectively get rid of termites that have infested your home or property American Pest offers Washington D.C. termite pest control.  These wood destroying pests have the ability to thoroughly infest your home and establish termite colonies on or nearby your property and can cause costly damage.  Our pest control professionals are trained to identify termite damage as well as eliminate the entire termite colony.   Our solution to termite problems include the installation of the Sentricon®Termite Colony Elimination System which continuously monitors for termite activity on around your home. At American Pest we guarantee complete eradication of termite infestations and are proud to offer residential termite control in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia.


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