Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?


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why do mosquitoes bite humans?

We all love spending time outside in the summer. Hosting a barbecue or telling stories around a campfire are some classic ways to pass the time, but nothing ruins a great day like being attacked by mosquitoes. In this scenario, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that these pests are simply out to make us miserable, but in reality that isn’t true.

The Reason They Bite

Something that many people do not know is that only female mosquitoes bite, and there is a reason for this; they use our blood to aid in their reproductive process. In order to fertilize eggs, they need proteins that are found in the blood of humans. So, like many other insects, they are only biting for survival purposes.

Who They Bite

There are a few theories behind why some people tend to get more mosquito bites than others.

  • Blood type: studies have shown that mosquitoes crave type O blood more than any other.
  • Carbon dioxide: these pests are attracted to carbon dioxide, and some people emit more than others (often people who are overweight or pregnant).
  • Clothing: like butterflies are said to be attracted to colors that remind them of flowers, mosquitoes seem to be drawn to darker colors.

Mosquitoes, like all other organisms, are just trying to survive. Despite this fact, their bites and buzzing are obnoxious. You want to keep them out of your yard, and we want to help! American Pest’s trained technicians can keep these hungry pests away with our EPA registered process to ensure maximum protection for you and your family all summer long. Call American Pest today and ask about the mosquito and tick control program.


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