What Every Radford Resident Should Know About Termite Control


termite damage on wood

By now, most people in Radford know that termites are a problem. However, there’s still a great deal of misinformation about termites. If you want to keep your home from damage, you should know some important terms about termite control.

The True Damage Of Radford Termites

If you know anything about termites, you know that they like to eat wood. But that doesn’t entirely cover the extent of a termite problem. Termites can silently chew through the wood in your home. Usually, people don’t even realize that termites are around until they cause hundreds of dollars in damage.

Because termites don’t come out much, they remain hidden to human eyes. It takes a discerning person to realize that termites are around. You need to look for specific signs of damage, such as the following:

  • Tight Fitting Doors And Windows: Do your doors and windows seem difficult to open? If so, you could have termites. All houses settle, but settling shouldn’t be a constant issue. Termites make wood moist, and that, in turn, makes your windows and doors hard to open or close. If you see any issues as you open and close things, think about the cause. There’s a chance that termites are to blame.

  • Soft Noises From Your Walls: Although termites are somewhat silent, they do make some noise. You might hear termites making clicking noises inside your walls. As pests that communicate, termites have ways of sending messages from one place to another. They sometimes bang their heads to warn others of trouble and make clicking sounds. If you tap on your wall and listen closely, you may be able to hear termites in your walls. As soon as you notice a sound, call a professional for assistance. There could be termites doing damage to your studs.

  • Frass: Not all types of termites leave behind frass in obvious places, but some termites in Radford leave evidence. If you see small droppings that look like coffee grinds, you could be looking at termite droppings. Drywood termites push their droppings, or frass, out of holes in their tunnels. You’re likely to find a pile of frass on your floor. Don’t dismiss the pile and instead call for a pest control inspection immediately.

You Can Keep Termites Away

One of the most important things for homeowners to know is that they can keep termites away. All of the following are effective termite prevention tips:

  • Replace Damaged Wood: If any of the lumber in your walls has water damage, termites could find it appealing. You can keep termites away by replacing water-damaged wood as soon as possible.

  • Keep firewood Away: Piles of firewood provide an almost endless supply of food for termites. Therefore, you should store your piles of firewood as far from your home as possible. 

  • Clean Your Yard: If you have piles of logs or dying trees in your yard, you could have termites. And while termites are essential to the environment, they don’t belong in your backyard. Remove any trees, stumps, and debris piles. 

Get An Annual Inspection

Once a year, have a pest control professional inspect your home for termites. Even if you know what to look for, you could still have an infestation going on. A professional can search for all the signs of termites and make sure they aren’t in your home.

Whether you need an inspection or you already see signs of termites, you can count on us at All Pest Control & Solutions. Our experienced team is ready to help you and provide lasting solutions for all of your pest problems. To find out more, call us now.


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