This is How Mice Keep Getting Into Your Washington D.C. Home


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It is estimated the more than 20 million homes in the U.S. each year are infiltrated by rodents such as mice and rats. Mice are small rodents that exist in hundreds of different species that often plague homes and businesses. Among the most common types that are found indoors include the house mouse.

The house mouse has a body length that may exceed six inches, including its tail. These creatures have round ears, a pointed nose, and fur that appears in shades of brown or grey. As with all rodents, these pests have overgrown front teeth (incisors) that cause them to chew on many of the materials that they encounter, which could be particularly problematic for interior wiring, cords, or other items in your home.

What Is Attracting Mice To Indoor Areas?

Mice are scavengers that will seize opportunities to move indoors, searching for food, water, and potential nesting sites. They are often initially attracted to the exterior area of the home by vegetable gardens, piles of compost, unsecured trash bags, or birdfeeders. Because of their small size, house mice will pass through small openings and often attempt to remain indoors throughout the cold winter months. 

Best Ways Of Preventing Mice Invasions 

Limiting access to food sources is most critical when seeking to avoid intrusions from mice and other rodents. Floors in the kitchen area should be routinely swept to remove crumbs, and uneaten pet food bowls promptly removed from the garage, deck, or patio areas. 

The exterior area of the structure, particularly near the foundation, should be inspected annually to detect any cracks that may have developed that need to be filled. Install sweeps on the base of exterior doors where necessary. Check for openings where utility lines pass into the home that may be logical points of entry. 

Do I Need Help From A Professional Pest Exterminator? 

The technicians with American Pest have been thoroughly trained and are well-equipped with various treatment options that have proven to be both safe and effective. After we receive a call from a prospective customer, one of our specialists will follow a series of steps that may include: 

  • Our professionals will respond by visiting the property to conduct a detailed inspection and assessment of the circumstances.
  • After identifying the likely point(s) of entry, our specialist will seal these openings using materials such as weatherproof sealant, caulk, or mesh.
  • When needed, we will deploy an exterior bait station that will reduce the rodent population on the property.
  • Next, we will implement a comprehensive rodent treatment plan using many of the latest products and methods. 
  • Part of our success is based on diligently following up on the treatment plan to ensure customer satisfaction.

One of our best new options for controlling rodents is the Anticimax SMART pest control system, which uses the latest technology to provide 24-hour monitoring capabilities. The method is eco-friendly, wireless, and will not disrupt day-to-day activity. We look forward to discussing this and our other evolving treatment options.

Experts In Pest Control Services For Washington D.C. Homeowners

For many decades now, the team at American Pest has been providing safe and effective pest-related solutions for customers throughout the Washington D.C. region. As local members of this community, we operate to ensure the safety of humans, pets, and the local ecosystem that we share. Our organization has now achieved compliance with the GreenPro certification program, which places us among a select group of companies that operate in the industry and adhere to many best practices associated with integrated pest management. 

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