The Trick to Keeping Your Maryland Home Rodent Free


a rodent in a home crawling on electrical wires

The Issues With Maryland Rodents

In Maryland, several rodents invade homes. The first and least expected of those rodents is the squirrel. As cute as squirrels may be, they can enter homes and nest in the walls. You can identify squirrels by their long and bushy tails.

Another home invader is the house mouse. This rodent is small and unassuming but can cause the same issues as larger rodents. Because the house mouse has a quick breeding cycle, it can take over a home in a short time.

Rats are also prevalent in the area. Slightly larger than the house mouse, the local rat species still have a way of getting inside. You don't want any one of the local rodents in your home because they can do the following:

  • Spread diseases
  • Contaminate your food
  • Trigger allergies
  • Damage your home

Why Do Rodents Come Inside?

You probably want to know why rodents would even want to go into your home. After all, nature has plenty for them. The truth is that your home can be very appealing to rodents. It doesn't take much for squirrels, rats, and mice to want to enter your property.

Typically, this is because your home has plenty of food for Maryland rodents. Think about the amount of food in your pantry and garbage can. If you ever spilled food in your pantry, it could stay there for months. And your garbage cans contain a never-ending supply of food for rodents.

Likewise, your home provides shelter for rodents. This is particularly true in the winter. When the temperature begins to drop outside, rodents want to get warm. They may look for ways to enter your home and nest for the winter. 

One of the reasons rodents are such frequent home invaders is that they can chew through building materials. If you have cracks in your home or gaps anywhere, rodents can chew their way in. You need to make a conscious effort to make sure rodents don't get inside.

Rodent Prevention Tips

It doesn't have to be difficult to keep rodents in Maryland away. Here are a few tips to get you started :

  • Store Food In Containers: Keep all of the food in your home sealed and hidden from rodents. This means storing your food in containers with lids. If you inspect your pantry, you can find all sorts of open food available to rodents. 

  • Store Trash In The Right Receptacles: If you keep your garbage in open trash cans, you're inviting rodents to a meal. Use trash cans with lids and always make sure the lids close. This makes your food scraps less available. 

  • Clean-Up: Take a weekend to clean up your home and yard. In doing so, you can take away any food from rodents. You also remove hiding spots, which makes rodents less likely to nest inside. 

  • Seal Your Home: When you notice cracks in your home, seal them up. Look for potential rodent entrances regularly.

The Trick To Rodent Control

The ultimate trick is to work with us at American Pest NNC. We've focused on serving Maryland residents for years, and we want to help you. Our team is dedicated to keeping rodents away. Call us now for an appointment. 


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