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termites eating wood

What's yellow and white and orange all over? None other than these sneaky insects with a penchant for wooden objects! 

Termites are quite possibly the most destructive insects in Washington DC. These creatures consume wood in order to survive, and break down the cellulose found in the grains to feed their Queens and colonies. For the most part, termites choose to keep to themselves. Their quiet demeanors and silent infestation procedures make them extremely difficult to catch by surprise. 

  • Termites can be identified by a few simple characteristics: 

  • Termites have six legs and broadly shaped bodies.

  • Most termites are yellow, cream colored, or off-white in color.

  • The head of a termite is often large and orange in appearance.

  • Soldier termites have large mandibles that are used to protect their colony.

  • Some termites (sexually mature alates) are equipped with wings. 

Termites aren't dangerous insects, but their functions are still important to the natural world. In fact, these beneficial creatures are absolutely vital for the continuation of life. By breaking down rotting wood and trees, termites create new opportunities for life and regrowth. 

Because termites are such numerous pests, they are considered to be a delicacy in some parts of the world. Dipped in chocolate or tossed in spices, these creatures have many uses in cultures around the globe. However, they are still bad news for property owners in the Washington D.C. area. 

How To Tell If You Have A Termite Problem 

Because of their silent composures, termites may go unnoticed for some time. This allows them to wreak havoc across your home and property, sometimes leading to irreparable damage. According to researchers, termites cause more than $5 billion dollars’ worth of damage each year. Much of this will not be covered by homeowners insurance policies, and requires out of pocket spending. This is precisely why annual inspections are so important to the ongoing protection of your home and property. 

Here’s how to tell if you have a termite problem around your home or business: 

  • The presence of thin sawdust (sometimes called a frass) near the walls or wooden structures of your home.

  • Quiet clicking or scratching sounds in the walls or ceiling of the home.

  • Tight fitting doors and windows that do not close properly.

  • Sagging walls, ceilings, or support structures around the house.

  • Spots of ‘water damage’ on the roof that are soft to the touch. 

Contrary to popular belief, trying to get rid of termite infestations on your own isn't such a good idea. Some over the counter tools and products simply do nothing, while others  even make the situation worse. In any case, relying on a professional termite elimination company such as American Pest is always the best way to go.  

Handling A Termite Problem Like A Pro With American Pest

As with many other species of Washington D.C. pest, the best way to handle an ongoing termite infestation is with professional assistance. American Pest is one of the area’s most trusted providers of termite control for residential, commercial, and specialty properties. 

Contact American Pest at the first sign of a termite problem. If you think or know that a termite presence is already obvious around your property, schedule an inspection right away by calling the Washington D.C. office. We are standing by to lend a hand any way we can! 


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