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Business owners in Washington D.C. have massive budgets that they have to manage. To lower recurring costs, many will delay having pest remediation services. Some entrepreneurs won’t have it at all if there isn’t a visibly apparent issue. They’re under the impression that the critter situation is stable.

In reality, lots of creepy crawlers can violate a space sight unseen. They can nest and ruin property, and it won’t be evident until it’s too late. Things will either be irreparable or cost plenty of money to resolve. If anyone indeed spots a pest, one social media post can wreck your reputation.

To protect your assets, keep your establishment operating, and shield customers and employees, you have to prioritize preventative measures for pests. It’s practically a requirement for several species, as their invasions might be harder to conquer after they’ve started. Learn what the dangers are and how American Pest can be of assistance. 

What Are The Hazards Of Pest Infestations?

Some of the most destructive pests go after wood—for instance, termites, powder post beetles, and carpenter ants. In severe cases, your workers and patrons could be injured by tumbling foundations or succumbing floors. You may also have to consider closing your business for some time. In the United States, citizens put out a collective $5 billion to specifically deter or recover from termites. Insurance coverage for these bugs is rare.

Specimens like crickets, carpet beetles, moths, and silverfish are a concern for individual items. They tend to attack paper, rugs, fabrics, upholstered furniture, and similar. Such critters would significantly impact publishers, fashion retailers, interior design outlets, and adjacent entities.

Cockroaches, ants, and rodents are a few species that are considered a major health threat. Their bodies or hairs are bound to be covered in parasites and bacteria. Other microbes will be in their saliva and waste. Not to mention the germs they get from being in nasty environments, like streets, sewers, and dumpsters. Your food and surfaces can be contaminated, leading to the development of salmonella and other conditions.

Another note about rodents is that they usually chew on cords and walls. This could result in electrical fires or outages and cosmetic damage. The insects mentioned above and creatures can compromise those in dining, hospitality, food processing, residential living, and factory distribution.

To make matters worse, these critters are associated with:

  • Allergic reactions

  • Gastrointestinal infections

  • Birth defects

  • Respiratory difficulties 

  • Insomnia

  • Asthma attacks

  • Pathogens

  • Rabies

  • Viruses

Will “Do It Yourself” Methods Work?

Store baits, traps, and insecticides can be rather expensive. It won’t be a one-time purchase because shelf goods are low-strength. This facet alone makes these items a waste of money.  You should keep the following in mind as well:

  • Commercial products offer short-term relief and should not be used for lengthy periods.

  • Retail merchandise won’t eliminate infestations or entry holes.

  • Each subspecies has a unique reaction to various treatments. The average person doesn’t have the skills for precise pest identification. 

  • Manufactured items may have lethal or harsh chemicals in them.

  • Label instructions are often confusing and can give way to misapplication. 

What Can American Pest Do For Washington D.C. Businesses?

We at American Pest service stadiums, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, daycares, and more. Our expert technicians will employ specialized treatments for rodents, bed bugs, wildlife, mosquitoes, termites, and other worrisome critters. The commercial pest control solutions we provide are safe and industrial-grade. Some of our avenues are monitors, traps, perimeter barriers, and mists. Call or email today to get an estimate!


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