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Every summer, events such as outdoor cookouts, weddings, and other parties have the potential to draw more insects than guests.  Planning in advance could mean the difference between a “buggy” or “bug-free” event.  Here’s a few tips on how to plan your bug-free event this summer.

First and foremost, survey the site for pest activity at least one week before your event.  Inspect eaves, overhangs, and trees near the party site for developing wasp and hornet nests.  Also inspect patio areas and landscaping for ant activity.  There is still plenty of time to remove wasp nests, as well as ants and other pest problems that could make a huge impact on your party atmosphere.  If you require a professional inspection and treatment for mosquitoes, wasps, or ants please contact us.

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Tips To Planning a Pest-Free Event

1.     Although not all mosquito species prefer to feed at dusk and dawn, such as the Asian tiger mosquito, many others do.  If you can tolerate the heat, plan an early afternoon gathering.  If your event extends into the evening hours, move indoors around dusk when many female mosquitoes feed.

2.    At least one week prior to your event, drain standing water from bird baths, ornamental garden statues, children’s toys and other areas prone to stagnant water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property.

3.    Bees and wasps are attracted to sweets, especially the types of sweet drinks, sodas, and cocktails we like to serve at parties.  Hang yellow jacket traps around the perimeter of your party area – following the manufacturers instructions – and dispose of beverage cans and bottles quickly after use.

4.    Maintain trash receptacles (with lids) 20-25 feet away from your party area and never near to where you are serving food.  Those sticky sweets and fragrant smells will quickly attract yellow jackets, flies, and ants.  

5.    If you are planning to serve food outdoors, keep all food items in sealed containers and wipe and clean up spills frequently.

6.    Outdoor lighting after dark will attract loads of bugs to your gathering.  Change out regular light bulbs to yellow “bug lights” to discourage insects from being attracted to lighted areas.  For flood and spotlights we recommend sodium vapor bulbs for your outdoor lighting needs.

7.    During dry weather spells, insects will be especially attracted to any high moisture area.  Do not hose down decking, seating areas, or over water potted plants near party area within hours of your event.  


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