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Mosquitoes are the bane of existence for most outdoor enthusiasts. Hanging out in your own backyard can be a nightmarish experience when mosquitoes have taken over. Itchy bites and even the potential for serious illness are both a concern when dealing with these pests. The good news is that a low-cost mosquito and highly effective treatment is available, so you can take back your yard and enjoy those warm summer nights once again.

Dangers of Not Treating for Mosquitoes

While mosquitoes are a very common backyard pest, they also present threats to your well being and comfort. The bite of a mosquito typically produces an allergic reaction in the human body, resulting in an inflamed, itchy bump which can leave a scar. However, there are more serious illnesses that can be contracted from a single mosquito bite. Some of these diseases, including West Nile virus, encephalitis, and the Zika virus, can all be life-threatening. Treating your backyard and surrounding property will effectively limit mosquitoes from invading your life and help protect your family from serious illness.

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito elimination techniques are used to effectively kill off existing mosquitoes and create a barrier to prevent future mosquitoes from entering your property. Treatments will be effective for 30-45 days, so a re-treatment will be useful for preventing new infestations of these pests. The cost of mosquito treatment varies based on the size of your property and the amount of greenery in and around your yard. A free estimate can be obtained by calling our professionals at American Pest.

Service technicians will first inspect the property and determine the hiding places of the mosquitoes. Once the pests have been targeted, a special mosquito repellent will be applied to those areas. The spray will kill off existing mosquitoes when contact is made and will then remain on the leaves and grasses to repel additional pests from entering your yard. Technicians will also canvas the property for mosquito breeding areas in order treat the larvae before they hatch.

Re-treating with Repellents

To best protect your residence throughout mosquito season, monthly treatments will be needed to keep the mosquito population down. In areas like Washington DC, mosquito control applications are done monthly during peak periods of warmer weather (May-September) for the most effective elimination of the pests. Earlier re-treatment may be necessary for situations when heavy rains have fallen for an extended period of time.

Rely on the Professionals

While there are many products available for treating your own home and yard against mosquitoes, they are usually not very effective and can, in fact, be dangerous. Our professional pest control technicians have the necessary knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to ensure mosquito control is done properly. However, homeowners can help reduce the mosquito population in their immediate area by removing areas of standing water every week. Any standing water on your property is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so ensure that your gutters are cleaned out and all water is dumped from planters, old tires, trash cans, bird feeders, and tarps in between mosquito control treatments



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