Maryland's Complete Guide To Effective Mosquito Control


a mosquito biting a human and spreading disease

The mosquito! You may not think much of them at first, but these blood-feeding insects may be the most dangerous creatures on North American lawns.

With hundreds of species found around the Maryland area, mosquitoes are some of the most frustrating pests in the United States. By buzzing around lawns and gardens all over the state, these pests risk the health and wellness of almost everyone they bite. Truthfully, mosquitoes aren't just annoying pests but are dangerous as well. 

Mosquitoes can be attracted by many factors, including but not limited to: 

  • Stagnant water puddles in the yard and garden 

  • Cool, shady areas provided by trees, shrubs, and thick vegetation 

  • Thin or filled gutters that do not have much drainage 

  • Birdbaths or puddles that do not see much flowing water

  • Frequent outdoor parties or get-togethers that congregate large numbers of people 

Mosquitoes cannot be identified by a definitive list of characteristics. The best way to determine the presence of mosquitoes around your property is to look for the following signs:

  • Small insects that hover around your arms and legs 

  • A loud whining or buzzing sound as the insects pass by your ears 

  • Insects that land on your skin, and raise two small legs into the air while feeding 


If you think or know that mosquitoes are present around your property, you will need to act fast. Allowing them to remain on your property for long will incur a risk of significant disease spread. 

Best Methods Of Mosquito Prevention In Maryland 

There are two types of mosquito prevention options common to Maryland. The first of these is protection against pests before they arrive. The second is the management of pests after they infest. Although neither situation is optimal, both can be managed with some at-home techniques.

Before mosquitoes ever approach your property, try implementing some of these helpful methods: 

  • Have your gutters regularly cleared out. If your home is too high to attempt a do-it-yourself (DIY) fix, look for an expert in your area. 

  • Remove all standing water puddles in the yard. This includes birdbaths, fountains, and potholes. 

  • Any bodies of water that cannot be managed via draining should be treated with a mosquito larvicide. 


There are also some ways to prevent mosquito bites while out and about your yard. If you do have an established mosquito infestation and are looking to manage your residual effects, refer to these helpful tips: 

  • If possible, wear light-colored clothing while in or around the yard. 

  • Try to avoid certain areas of your lawn during certain times of the day. Mosquitoes are more active in the evening and early morning, mainly due to cooler temperatures. Eliminate any potential for bites by only working in the yard during less active hours. 

  • Wear preventive sprays while working in the yard. Tuck your pants into your socks to create a foolproof barrier between mosquitoes and yourself. 


For more mosquito prevention steps, refer to the team at American Pest. We are standing by to answer your call at any time.

Get Optimal Mosquito Protection From American Pest 

The dangers of mosquito bites leave many Maryland homeowners concerned about their futures. With the threat of disease spread always in the back of their minds, many home and business owners prefer ongoing protection from an experienced pest team. 

American Pest has been Maryland's go-to mosquito control provider since 1925. Leveraging some of the most effective mosquito treatments on the market, we make it easy to protect, preserve, and promote the safety of your yard for years to come. Learn more about our services and what we can do by calling one of our Maryland branches today. 


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