Keeping Yourself Safe From Spiders In Washington D.C.


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Spiders can be scary creatures, especially considering a few types that can deliver a painful bite. But even if you're not scared of arachnids, you don't want them hanging around your Washington D.C. home. Find out how to stay safe from spiders, and you can put your fears to rest.

The Danger Of Spiders

You might have a fear of spiders, but that fear isn't entirely valid. In North America, there are only two species of spiders that can cause serious medical consequences. The black widow is one of those spiders and the most harmful of the two.

If you experience a black widow bite, you won't have an immediate reaction. It could take hours for the venom to kick in, but you will have severe effects when it does. Black widow bites result in vomiting, muscle spasms, and much more. As a victim of a black widow bite, you need immediate medical attention.

The other dangerous spider is the brown recluse. If this spider bites you, the venom will attack your blood vessels. The skin around the bite breaks down and could take months to heal.

Tips For Staying Safe

The chance of you encountering either type of spider is low. However, there's still a risk. You should take the following measures to stay safe:

  • Know The Local Spiders: First, you should be able to tell which spiders are actually harmful in the area. A black widow is all black unless it's a female, in which case it's black and has a red hourglass marking. Although the males have an intimidating appearance, it's only the females you need to worry about.  Meanwhile, the brown recluse is brown and has a violin-shaped marking on its back. It's one of the most misidentified spiders, so it could take some practice to know whether or not you have a brown recluse in your house; if you have any reason to believe that a brown recluse or a black widow bit you, seek medical care right away.
  • Keep Other Insects Away: You should keep their prey away: If you don't want spiders in your home. Spiders eat other insects and will sometimes end up indoors in search of food. Typically, finding spiders in your home is a sign of another pest problem.
  • Keep Other Pests Out: To do this, you need to make your home less accessible: Seal up potential pest entrances with any means necessary. Inspect the area around your plumbing and electrical wires for small gaps, and cover them up with caulk. Always use screens on your doors and windows to make sure pests can't just fly inside. Another way to keep insects from entering is to clean up your home. If you have crumbs and clutter, you will have pests. Focus on cleaning up your kitchen regularly. Organize your pantry and store all of your food in tightly sealed containers.

Call For Help At The First Sign Of Spiders Or Other Pests

As a homeowner, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to wait to call a pest control expert. If you see other pests in your home, don't allow them to remain. Furthermore, don't try do-it-yourself (DIY) methods of pest elimination.

Likewise, don't wait to call a professional when you find dangerous spiders in your home. For your safety, contact us at American Pest NNC. Our team knows how to remove all of the harmful spiders from your property safely. More importantly, we will address all of your pest issues.

For years, we have been keeping local residents safe. To learn more about us and our home pest control services, call now.


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