6 Best Pest Freak-Outs


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child scaring another child with fake spider

Clients are commonly scared when they find spiders, mice, and cockroaches around their home. However, some people freak out more than others. We've collected some of the best freak-outs caught on camera. Have you had a similar bug scare? If so, tell us about your pest horror story in the comments. 

Weatherman Didn't See Spiders in the Forecast

This meteorologist in West Virginia was certainly frightened to discover a spider crawling across the camera lens while he was on live television. Luckily, he was able to laugh about it afterward. The good news is, most species of spiders don't bite unless threatened and many can't puncture human skin. No matter what, it's always important to be cautious around biting pests.

You've Got To Be Kitten Me With That Spider

There's nothing better than a funny cat video. Though it does not involve a real spider, you're still sure to get a kick out of this clip from America's Funniest Home Videos. This furry little kitten was keeping an eye on its mouse toy and clearly wasn't ready for a spider to attack. Believe it or not, many cats aren't as interested in mice as the famous "Tom and Jerry" led us to believe. In fact, many cats are just as afraid of mice as this cat is of giant spiders. 

Roach Has Mom Tripping

This freak out shows an innocent woman that spotted a cockroach and didn't want it in the house. However, the roach was a little out of her reach.  If you have roaches hiding or crawling in hard to reach places you should probably leave it to the professionals. We don't want you to trip and hurt yourself while running from speedy bugs. 

Mosquitoes Say "Hello" To Adele

Believe it or not, even celebrities have pest problems. At the end of her show last month, Adele had her own little freak out about some "bloodsuckers" that wanted her attention. Mosquito and tick control for events like this could prevent mosquito breeding, and decrease the chances of similar confrontations in the future. 

Don't Play With Spiders, Dad

This father was braver than most people would be when discovering such a large spider in their house. His young daughter, however, was concerned from the get go. Luckily, she was brave enough to record the experience for the world's enjoyment, until the entrapment attempt, that is. Still, a couple questions remain: did they ever get the spider, and are they taking preventative measures so they don't run into a similar situation in the future? 

Mouse Has Lady Sweating In Her Car

Thanks to Americas Funniest Home Videos, we get to enjoy and appreciate all the sweat and tears this lady put into her freak-out. This mouse must have been thirsty when he ended up inside of her cup. Believe it or not rodent control in and around your home can help prevent mice and rats from accessing your vehicle. None the less, we hope that this poor woman doesn't have an experience like this again. She will probably remember to keep cup lids closed from now on. 


Whether you have a mouse in your car or a giant spider on your ceiling, American Pest is always here to help. Contact us today for a free quote, no matter how big or small your pest control needs may be. And don't forget to tell us about your pest horror story in the comments!


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