Are Pantry Moths In Connecticut Dangerous?


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There are few things more disgusting than discovering bugs inside of your food, and this is what can happen over and over if you have pantry pests in your Connecticut home.

These pests are a group of insects that often get into cupboards, cabinets, and pantries as they lay their eggs in things such as flour, sugar, and other stored food products. While the adults of the species usually don’t live in and eat these food items, they do lay their eggs there, and the eggs will consume these products until they grow up.

There are many different species of pantry pests, but some of the most frequent in the area are cigarette beetles, Indian meal moths, and drugstore beetles. Here is how you can tell these different species apart:

  • Cigarette beetles are a light brown color with oval-shaped bodies. They often get into stored tobacco products but can invade other items.
  • Indian meal moths are reddish-brown and have tan wings with black and orange markings. They have large antennae.
  • Drugstore beetles are round in shape and a light red-brown color. They have a three-segmented antenna.

How Do Infestations Of Pantry Pests Begin?

As mentioned above, the adults of these various species will lay their eggs in stored items because the larvae consume things like sugar, grains, and flour. This means these infestations can quickly grow as the pests continue to reproduce. They will spread their eggs to more and more things, and this can be extremely disgusting and lead to loss of money as you have to throw out these products.

The primary way that panty pest infestations start is when products are brought home from the grocery store already infested. While this is disgusting to think about, it does happen, and it’s essential to be aware of it. Also, adult pantry pests can make their way inside from outdoors, and infestations can begin this way, as well.

Effective Pantry Pest Prevention Tips

In order to keep from bringing pantry pests home with you in your grocery bag, check these items for the following signs:

  • Check products such as rice, grains, sugars, and flours for a powdery look.
  • Make sure that these products don’t have small webs inside of them.
  • After you buy these things, store them in airtight containers and rotate them regularly. This ensures that older items are used first and can help you identify infestations earlier on.
  • Next, to keep pantry pests from getting inside from outside, you should:
  • Repair broken screens in doors and windows. If you can’t repair them, replace them.
  • Seal up the cracks and holes in the walls and the foundation of the building. You can use caulk and insulation foam to do so.
  • Install door sweeps and weather stripping.

What’s The Best Way To Remove Pantry Pests?

If you already have pantry pests in your Connecticut home, the easiest way to remove them is with assistance from American Pest. We will eradicate the entire infestation and then provide ongoing prevention in the future. We provide coverage for over 30 pests, including all kinds of pantry pests, so you can trust that our treatment plans are reliable and affordable.

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