4 Things Maryland Property Owners Can Do Now To Avoid Mosquitoes Later


clogged gutter on maryland home

Mosquito season is over. The warm months are behind us and we're heading into the colder months of the year. But just because you're not getting bitten by mosquitoes doesn't mean you shouldn't think about mosquito control. Mosquitoes are going to be back in the spring, and when they return they will start biting again. Here are 4 things you can do right now to avoid mosquito bites later.

1. Remove Containers

Most of the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard hatched in your yard. When you remove breeding sites, you reduce mosquitoes. One thing to consider as we head into winter is this: all the snow that collects in containers in your backyard will turn into stagnant water resources for spring mosquitoes to breed in. Why not remove them now so you don't have to remember to empty them out later?

2. Unclog Gutters

Do you know how important your gutter system is? It protects your home from moisture damage and reduces the conditions that can lead to fungi, mold, and pest infestation. When they get clogged, lots of problems can arise. One of them is an increase in mosquito production in your yard. It only takes an inch of water for mosquitoes to hatch and develop. If rainwater or melting snow creates pools of water in your gutters, mosquitoes can breed. A clogged gutter can also cause water to spill over and create puddles near your home. These too can be used for breeding. It is a good idea to clean your gutters out, especially after all the fall leaves have settled. Leaves are notorious for clogging gutters.

3. Trim Bushes

Ask any landscaper, winter is the perfect time to trim bushes. You need to wait till your bushes have grown dormant and no new growth is going to start. If new growth happens before winter, the pruned portions of your bushes won't harden off properly. Okay. Why all this talk about pruning? When you prune your bushes, something wonderful happens: You allow the sunlight into your landscaping. In spring, when we tend to get a lot of rain in Maryland, you're going to be glad the sun is helping to dry your topsoil. It will help to prevent puddles from forming and also work to dry out vegetation and make it less attractive to mosquitoes. Why do mosquitoes prefer damp vegetation? Because they require high humidity to survive. This is one of the reasons they hide in landscaping. We tend to water our plants to keep them healthy. When mosquitoes hide from the sun during the day to prevent the sun from drying them out, they prefer to do so in vegetations that is moist. Landscaping is a perfect choice.

4. Invest in Mosquito Control

Any time of year is a good time of year to check "invest in mosquito control" off your to-do list. While mosquito control services are seasonal and run between spring and fall, setting up service now means you won't have to remember to set it up in spring when mosquitoes start to hatch. It is easy to get busy and forget this important protection for your family and friends.

Why invest in mosquito control? Most mosquitoes don't travel more than a few hundred yards from where they hatch. That means you can have a big impact on mosquito populations in your yard when you invest in routine mist treatments. Dead mosquitoes don't breed. It is a scientific fact. And, when mosquitoes are eliminated in your yard, it takes time for new mosquitoes to come in and replace them. Our pest management professionals also do inspections for mosquito-breeding sites and apply larvicides to breeding sites that cannot be removed. All of this can make your yard a much nicer place to be during the warmer months of the year.

Mosquito control comes with another benefit that is important to consider, it works to control ticks as well. Lyme disease cases have doubled in the last decade. This is a serious tick-borne disease that can lead to lifelong medical complications. Kill two pests with one stone by investing in Mosquito and Tick Control from American Pest. We service Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia with industry-leading pest control services. Our team can guide you in protecting your family from dangerous pest threats like mosquitoes and ticks. Reach out to us today to schedule service. We're standing by to help.


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